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Hi I'm Brenda! I love the Beatles & George Harrison and currently live in Florida! I was born in 1962 and am originally from North Carolina



Today I thought I would share some original images I took in 1995 when I met the band Skid Row in Tampa Florida at a record store off Fowler Avenue. I have some followers here who like  80s rock so I figured I’d share these. I gotta admit I was so nervous when I was right there at them and my hand visibly shook at first while taking the first few photos especially when I was meeting Sebastian who utterly surprised me. When I got up to him he said to me “and what is your name darlin..” I nervously said “Brenda” and he signed my autograph “Hi Brenda!! Thanks! S. Bach” which surprised me as I didn’t notice him personalizing any other people’s pictures before me and I have often wondered why he chose to ask me my name and do that. It was cool tho and I am definitely not complaining lol. Each of them were pretty cool and of them all Dave “Snake: Sabo and Rob Affuso had the most gorgeous smiles. I took a shot of them smiling at my camera but my hand was shaking so bad that it’s not one of my best photos. The images of an animated Sebastian is from when he was talking to a guy in line with me about 2 people ahead of me. He is pictured in the next to the last image clasping hands with Sebastian. Of the roll I took these are my clearer shots as the rest show how nervous I was. It was pretty cool and the guys were very nice and fun to meet.

Brenda Porter

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